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Power Distribution Equipment

Invest in a power equipment rental service that provides increased safety and flexibility for onsite construction and events management.

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Building Tomorrow with Our Construction Equipment

Source a heavy equipment rental in the Philippines, including our selection of construction machinery for a fast and easy solution for all your construction needs.

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Elevate with Our Heavy Lifting Equipment

Address your lifting requirements safely and efficiently with our heavy duty equipment rental. Lift, move, and position heavy objects safely and easily.

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Partner with the Leading Heavy Equipment Rental Service in the Philippines!


Welcome to Hastings Motor Corporation

As the heavy equipment rental company of choice in the Philippines, Hastings Motor Corporation has always taken pride in promptly delivering only the best solutions to all our clients every time. Equipped with top-notch Generators, Load Banks, Construction and Mining Equipment, and more, we supply the best heavy equipment to suit all your project requirements!

With the rapid expansion of the equipment rental market, we stand out from the rest by continuously expanding and diversifying our fleet of machinery while maintaining our full-service approach. From expertly-trained personnel and in-house delivery service, we at Hastings guarantee timely ingress and egress from any location.

Our experience serving a diverse set of clientele allows us to expertly cater to major local companies in the manufacturing industry, food industry, and super malls among many others. This is only made possible by the hard-working team behind Hastings Motor Corporation — a team that seeks to uphold its promise: solutions of optimum value, on time, every time.

Building Big and Powering Dreams On Time, Every Time Since 2004

At Hastings, we aim to provide only the highest quality machinery and equipment for our clients who enlist our heavy equipment rental services. With several categories under our belt, we are happy to provide optimum solutions for our client’s projects. Explore our diverse fleet of machinery and vehicles to fit your project’s requirements.

Prep any Site with Our Power Distribution Equipment

Our power equipment rental service can provide the necessary solutions for your remote energy needs. Whether you are setting up a large-scale outdoor event or equipping a high-rise site with a lift for mobility or specialty construction tools, our wide array of high-powered equipment can provide increased safety and flexibility for onsite construction or events management.

Load Banks
Welding Machines
Light Towers

Building Tomorrow with Our Construction Equipment

Our heavy duty equipment rental includes a selection of construction machinery that is built for harsh terrains and unpredictable project sites. Whether it’s dozing, excavation, digging, or loading, our machines from Hitachi and Kato will surely size up even the toughest stones on your property.

Wheel Loaders
Roller Compactor
Air Compressors

The Power to Elevate with Our Heavy Lifting Equipment

Whatever your lifting requirements, our heavy machinery rental includes the right machines for helping you lift, move, and position heavy objects safely and easily . We have cranes for all types of terrain with various lifting capacities for any job or task required.

Rough Terrain Crane
Scissor Lifts
Boom Lifts
Aerial Work Platform


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Make the Optimal Choice: Choose Hastings Motor Corporation

Hastings Motor Corporation can turn your plans into reality with our heavy machinery rental service. Rent heavy duty equipment for your large-scale construction projects and partner with us for reliable power equipment rental at any monumental event.

Nation’s #1 Choice

A professional provider of power equipment rental services can confidently present any client with a portfolio of past projects. We at Hastings have a wide variety of satisfied clients with commercial developments and large-scale events that we have made possible.

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A Full-Service Experience

We at Hastings Motor Corporation pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our fullest capacity. Our heavy equipment rental service boasts an in-house delivery fleet for worry-free transportation to your site and back to our care. We also have expertly-trained technicians working round-the-clock to troubleshoot, service, and aid you should any problems arise with the rented equipment or vehicle.

Global Standards and Trusted Partners

We hold all of our equipment and vehicles to the highest calibre of quality control to guarantee the safety of our staff as well as our clientele. As the exclusive distributor of Avtron Load Banks and the authorized distributor of Airman Air Compressors in the Philippines, we hold our service to a strict standard that honors the trust of our global partners and our esteemed clientele and their establishments. Hastings Motor Corporation maintains this golden standard across all of our projects.

Hastings Motor Corporation

Partner with us and set any project up for success

Are you working on a large-scale construction project that requires some heavy duty equipment? Or a blockbuster outdoor event that requires a high power generator? Whatever your construction, event, or logistical needs may be, contact us and let’s work on the best solution together.