Avail of our wheel loader rental service for smooth earth moving operations

Levelling a plot of land for a project? Need to clear the earth?

Any good project starts with a smooth blank canvas. Levelling the land on your property is integral to having a strong foundation. In an industry as competitive as construction and property development, having the right tools is integral to getting the job effectively and on time. Availing of a wheel loader rental service from a trusted supplier in the Philippines opens up opportunities for loading, handling, and transporting various materials that span multiple industries, such as landscaping, mining, construction, and even agriculture. However, the purchase of any heavy equipment is a costly investment. Secure the necessary equipment without breaking the bank with our wheel loaders for rent at Hastings Motor Corporation!

Hitachi Wheel Loader
LX70 Wheel Loader


Engine Rated Power: 64.7 kW (88 PS) / 80.9 kW (110 PS)
Operating Weight : 6 415 kg/ 8 120 kg
Bucket Capacity : 1.2 m3 1.6 m3 / 1.2 m3 1.9 m3

Here are 3 reasons why you need a front end loader rental for your project:


Our Hitachi LX70 units are equipped with a wide range of attachments and adjustments that can be utilized for different jobs. With two types of tire tread patterns for either improved traction or rocky terrain, the LX70’s rock tire tread is also equipped with three designs—Nylon, Steel, and Side Steel. These can be adjusted based on the type of terrain. The Hitachi LX70 is also equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler mechanism, allowing for the convenient mounting and removal of various attachments using controls from inside the operator cab.


  • Buckets – Our standard bucket is optimal for stockpiling loose dirt and rock, with an optional set of attachable of heavy-duty bolt-in teeth to comb through and pile dense materials such as dense dirt, gravel, or dirt with debris like clumps and stones.
  • Lumber Forks – The lumber fork is the perfect option for handling structural beams, lumber, and other similar lengthy materials. With a manually adjustable fork width, you can be sure to customize the fork lift to suit the load you need to transport. Lumber forks are also compatible with the optional attachment of a high-lift arm, allowing a higher dumping clearance during operation.
  • Log Grapple – For round or circular materials, such as logs, beams, and drums, the log grapple allows for secure transportation that prevents these materials from rolling away during transit.

Easy Maintenance

The Hitachi LX70 is an easy machine to maintain. Lubrication of integral points such as the bucket cylinder can all be done from the ground, without the need for any special equipment. All bucket and linkage pins are also double-sealed, keeping out dirt and trapping grease inside. A handy fluid gauge is visible from the side, indicating the levels of the machine’s hydraulic fluids. Finally, the wide-opening battery cover makes battery changes a breeze should it ever fully discharge onsite.

Security and Comfort

With a stable and heavy-duty chassis that protects the operator within the cab from a worksite’s harsh elements, operators need not worry about the machine tipping over unexpectedly so long as precautions and load limits are taken into account. With a wide, clear view in the front of the cab and a matching clear back view for safe maneuvering onsite, a trained operator can run the Hitachi LX70 with ease. All switches are also easy to view and reach during operation, and the wheel loader’s ergonomic chair with a built-in radio guarantees a comfortable ride even for a long work day.

If you are looking for a hardworking, multifunctional piece of heavy equipment capable of running a variety of tasks, consider booking one of our front loaders for rent! At Hastings Motor Corporation, we guarantee that you will receive an optimal front loader unit at your project site on time, every time with our in-house delivery fleet.