Rent Sinoboom Boom Lifts for a Secure & Mobile Aerial Work Platform

Equipped with a wide range of movement and an impressive load capacity for both workers and tools, Sinoboom lifts are a valuable addition to any project site. Secure a Sinoboom Boom Lift rental in the Philippines for a reliable work platform that combines the benefits of safety and easy operations in a single, convenient, and versatile piece of heavy equipment.

Sinoboom TB38J Plus

Sinoboom TB38J Plus

Platform height max.: 38.4M
Working height max.: 40.4M
Horizontal reach max.: 19.5M/21M

Sinoboom TB32J Plus

Platform height max.: 32.3M
Working height max.: 34.3M
Horizontal reach max.: 20.4M/22.3M


Platform height max.: 15.8M
Working height max.: 17.8M
Horizontal reach max.: 9.37M

Sinoboom GTZZ18J


Engine Powered
Platform height max.: 18.3M
Working height max.: 20.3M
Horizontal reach max.: 9.37M

Sinoboom GTZZ25J


Engine Powered
Platform height max.: 24.6M
Working height max.: 26.6M
Horizontal reach max.: 16.1M

DIS-55LB – Air Compressor

Solid, World-class Build

Like any Sinoboom product, the Sinoboom Boom Lift provides topnotch performance that safeguards the safety of your team throughout the course of your project. When working on a wide range of spaces that include multistorey structures and high-ceilinged locations, it is important to have heavy equipment that offers vertical mobility and maneuverability even in the tightest building angles.

Without having to purchase this handy piece of heavy equipment, our Sinoboom Boom Lift rental service can give you and your team the chance to experience these features. By availing of our Sinoboom Boom Lifts for rent, you and your team can navigate narrow vertical spaces and transport heavy tools to higher ground with them as they perform valuable maintenance and construction work. Take your pick from our Sinoboom Boom Lifts and reach working heights of up to 38.4 meters on our farthest-reaching model. Assess your project specifications and take your pick from our units, so your team can perform important project or maintenance tasks in a safe but efficient manner.

Below are some of the product features that you can experience through a Sinoboom Boom Lift rental in the Philippines.

More Efficient Task Performance

Attempting to stick to a tight schedule is a difficult task for any team that is working in hard labor. This is further complicated by the various risks that come with performing detailed tasks in hazardous environments such as multiple-story buildings and high altitudes. However, laying out and tearing down scaffolding for elevated construction is costly in both time and manpower. Instead of using dated practices like manually laying out scaffolding for your projects, using a Sinoboom Boom Lift can significantly reduce your task turnaround time and prep work. Eliminate the need for laying out scaffolding every time you work at higher altitudes and use the powerful machinery of Sinoboom with our Sinoboom Boom Lift rental!

DIS-55LB – Air Compressor
DIS-55LB – Air Compressor

Greater Range of Motion

Anyone with experience working in construction and maintenance knows that not all spaces possess clear-cut dimensions. When carrying out tasks in properties with high ceilings and organic or irregular architecture, the rigidity of scaffolding and even scissor lifts may not be enough to truly reach the nooks and crannies of a space. Avail of a Sinoboom Boom Lift Rental in the Philippines and experience a much wider range of motion with the built-in control panel and multi-jointed boom arm of the unit. This greater sense of movement control allows delicate work to be carried out even in the narrowest and most inconvenient of spaces with ease.

Improved Standards of Workplace Safety

With Construction, Manufacturing, and Transportation as the Philippines’ most vulnerable industries when it comes to lethal workplace accidents, it is vital for any team lead and business owner to take the safety of their workers more seriously. As a provider of Sinoboom Boom Lift rental units in the country, we are happy to provide well-maintained and fully functional work platforms for lease to our clients. No matter what industry, workplace safety should be a top priority, and our Sinoboom Boom Lifts can help in making even highly technical tasks performed at high altitudes significantly safer with our stable and heavy-duty work platforms.

DIS-55LB – Air Compressor

Flexibility, Convenience, & Safety in One Handy Solution

Large-scale projects that require higher reaches and bigger weight capacities can look no further than Sinoboom. Hastings Motor Corporation proudly provides well-maintained and fully functioning Sinoboom Boom Lifts for rent to our clients so they can create a safer, more efficient work environment that both their workers and clients alike will appreciate.