Move materials across any landscape through our rough terrain crane rental service!

When working on large, multistorey projects, it may become necessary to move large loads and materials across different heights. Secure the safety of your workplace by availing of the most trusted rough terrain crane rental service in the Philippines from Hastings Motor Corporation!

Mobile Crane Rentals That Take Progress to the Next Level

Trusted Brand, Reliable Performance. When you need mobile crane rental in the Philippines, you can trust the performance of our equipment to get the job done. Our trusted brand ensures that each of our mobile cranes is reliable for any task required.

SR-300L Rough Terrain Crane


Maximum rated lifting capacity:
Boom length:
9.35m ― 30.5m (4 section)

SR700L Rough Terrain Crane


Maximum rated lifting capacity:
Boom length:
10.0m ― 44.5m (6 section)

Why should I rent a Mobile Crane?

A rough terrain crane is a versatile choice for many multistorey worksites. As the primary crane of choice, it is favored by industry professionals for its ability to traverse all types of terrains and landscapes under any weather circumstance. Able to navigate both paved highways and off-road paths, this is an excellent choice for clients transporting heavy materials from city to site. Availing of a mobile crane rental provides you and your team with the following benefits.

Maximum Mobility

When deciding on a mobile crane rental in the Philippines, few come close to the caliber of cranes from Kato. Our rough-terrain cranes from Kato provide ease of movement during operation. Go from site to site with maximum ease without having to worry about the dangers that shifting terrains or changing weather can pose on you or your schedule.

Powerful Reach

With a choice between a 4-segment boom and a 6-segment boom, the Kato’s fully-hydraulic crane system can lift loads of up to 30 and 70 tons respectively. Aside from being long-reaching and maneuverable, its powerful boom is matched by a stable vehicle chassis that will ensure safety and stability while a load is being lifted.

Compact Body

Kato’s rough terrain vehicles are equipped for maximum protection of the operator, as well as a stable, durable chassis frame for the safety of the rest of the team present in the workplace. The compact body is also perfect for parking inside warehouses and under protected structures when the vehicle is not in use—ensuring that it won’t hamper mobility and productivity around the site.

Comfortable Operation

The Kato rough terrain lifts are outfitted with comfortable cockpits for operators. Built with an easy-touch panel interfaces, high-quality color displays, and durable switches that can withstand the chaos of a construction site, this operator’s cab will make operation a breeze and promote productivity and safety. Compared to previous models, Kato has since improved visibility by widening the front view window and lowered the position of the boom foot pin.

Hastings Motor Corporation is equipped with two types of Kato rough terrain cranes for seamless navigation and load transportation, distinguished by their difference in reach and load capacity. Whatever the needs of your project may be, we can surely provide a mobile crane for rent that will suit your specifications. Contact us for inquiries!