SR700L Rough Terrain Crane

Crane Specification

Maximum rated lifting capacity70ton×2.5m
Boom length10.0m ― 44.5m (6 section)
Fly jib length8.3m-13.2m (2 section, offset 7° ― 60°)
Maximum rated lifting height45.5m (Boom)
Hoisting line speed (winch up)Main winch: 160m / min. (at 5th layer)
Auxiliary winch: 150m / min. (at 4th layer)
Hoisting hook speed (winch up)Main winch: (Parts of line; 16) : 10m / min. (at 5th layer)
Auxiliary winch: (Parts of line; 1) : 150m / min. (at 4th layer)
Boom derricking angle0° ― 84°
Boom derricking time66sec / (0° ― 84°)
Boom extending speed135sec (10.0m ― 44.5m)
Slewing speed1.8min-1
Tail slewing radius3,550mm

Equipment and Structure

Boom typeBox-shaped, 6-section hydraulically telescopic type
(Boom section 2 / 3, 4 / 5 / 6 simultaneously operated)
Jib type2 sections (2nd section of hydraulically terescopic type) (offset angles 7° ― 60°)
Boom extension/ retraction equipmentThree hydraulic cylinders and wire ropes used together
Boom derricking/lowering equipmentTwo hydraulic cylinders of direct acting type with pressure compensated flow control valve
Winch system Main & Auxiliary winchesDriven by axial plunger type hoisting motor through planetary gear reduction.

Controlled independently by respective operating lever. Equipped with automatic brake.

Slewing equipmentBall bearing type

Hydraulic Equipment

Oil pump4 pumps, plunger and gear type
Hydraulic motorHoisting motor: Axial plunger type
Slewing motor: Axial plunger type
Control valveDouble acting with integral check and relief valves
CylinderDouble acting type
Oil reservoir capacity740L

Carrier Specification

Maximum traveling speed49km/h
Grade ability (tan θ)60% (computed at G.V.W. = 39,750kg)
Minimum turning radius
(center of extreme outer tire)
11.2m (2 wheel steer)
6.44m (4 wheel steer)


ModelMitsubishi 6D24-TLE2A
Type4 cycle, 6 cylinders, water cooled, direct injection turbo-charged
diesel engine with intercooling
Piston displacement11.945L
Max. power257kW at 2,200min-1
Max. torque1,275N・m at 1,500min-1