Sinoboom Scissor Lifts for New Heights and Workplace Safety

Sometimes, we need a simpler, more straightforward fix to conducting vertical work. However, simpler solutions during your project plan does not translate to compromising team safety. Acquire Sinoboom Scissor Lift rentals in the Philippines for easy vertical mobility that is equally safe and fully controllable from the convenience of a single handy panel.


Platform height max.: 13.8m
Working height max.: 15.8m
Lift Capacity: 227kg

DIS-55LB – Air Compressor

One Machine, Several Uses

The simplicity of a Sinoboom Scissor Lift is deceptively simple. Scissor Lifts provide vertical mobility for manpower in multiple settings. Whether it be in transportation, construction, manufacturing, or maintenance, acquiring Sinoboom Scissor Lifts for rent is the perfect tool for the job if you want a multi-functional solution for whatever (and whenever) you need it for. If you are on the lookout for a hard-working piece of equipment that can truly serve different purposes on your site as your team’s needs arise, then securing a Sinoboom lift rental is a strategic decision for improving workplace efficiency that you cannot let slip away.

End-to-End Servicing

Heavy equipment can be a tedious thing to manage if you purchase a unit on your own. From their cleaning and maintenance to troubleshooting and repairs should they incur any damage, the costs of these can quickly drive your single investment into an endless expense. One big advantage of availing of a Sinoboom Scissor Lift rental from Hastings Motor Corporation is how you have the full suite of their services available alongside a well-maintained and fully functional unit that brings world-class Sinoboom technology. You would do well to use it!

From troubleshooting to on-site delivery, you will have no need to worry (or spend) for anything outside the rental of the unit itself! Acquire a Sinoboom Lift Rental from the Philippines’ premiere heavy equipment rental provider for an end-to-end service experience that leaves any business that rents from them with abundant breathing room and very little to worry about!

DIS-55LB – Air Compressor
DIS-55LB – Air Compressor

Improved Workplace Safety & Accuracy

Did you know that a research conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States has found that 1 in 10 construction site workers suffer work-related injuries every year? Of these injuries, it was also found that workplace falls were the leading cause. Prevent your team from joining this number by acquiring a stable working platform that can keep them out of harm’s way. Whenever workers carry out their duties, having a level platform like the Sinoboom Scissor Lift not only guarantees their safety as they perform their tasks but it also increases the accuracy and caliber with which they carry them out.

Protect your team from fall-related incidents no matter what task they are working on by getting in touch with a trusted provider of Sinoboom Scissor Lift rental units.

Strike the perfect balance between productivity, caliber, and workplace safety by renting out a Sinoboom Scissor Lift for the duration of your project. Here at Hastings Motor Corporations, Sinoboom Scissor Lift rentals are one of the best catch-all additions you can secure for the good of both your team and your project’s overall success.

Ergonomic Workplace Safety – in One Solution

Whether you call them a lift table or a scissor lift, this multifunctional solution improves workplace safety and efficiency—preventing injuries while still also improving the quality and speed with which work can be carried out. Attain these benefits and more by securing a Sinoboom Scissor Lift for rent from Hastings Motor Corporation.