ASCO 2805

Asco 2805 Loadbank

Loadbank Ratings

  • Standard capacity ratings of: 400 kW | 500 kW
  • Standard load step resolution of 5 kW.
  • Standard three phase voltage ratings of: 240/480-60Hz

Cooling Blower Motor Control

The motor obtains power from either the power source under test (motor connected to load bank main load bus) or from a remote source (external power source). When operating from the power source under test, the motor circuit connects the motor for high or low voltage.

Cooling System

Proper cooling is provided by integral blower motor. The blower motor circuit is fuse and overload protected.

Operator Controls

The standard local mode is manual control via “digital toggle” switches. The local mode features full digital monitoring and individual load steps with LED indications. The integral control panel is provided for load bank operation and includes the necessary controls and status indicators.

The optional remote control mode is via the hand-held touchscreen controller. It features a 4.3″ color touchscreen housed in a rugged and easy to grip industrial grade enclosure. Load selection can be the sum of the entire load string (up to 25 load banks) or individual units within that string. Extremely fast and reliable CANbus communication protocol is used in the SIGMA LT for networking. CANbus protocol reduces network sag which is typically found in RS232 network load banks. A USB port is provided for data download and software updates.


The 2805 is constructed using heavy gauge aluminized steel per ASTM A463. It is designed for continuous indoor operation. Two (2) moveable and two (2) fixed casters are provided for easy mobility. Handles, lifting eyes, and forklift pockets are provided on the load bank for transport. All exterior fasteners are stainless steel. The 2805 load banks are listed to UL standard 508A (up to 500 kW).


The 2805 has a high quality baked polyester powder coated finish with a film thickness of 2.8 +/- 0.4 mils per coat. The standard color is gray (ANSI 61).

Weight and Dimensions

Length = 1503mm
Width = 868mm
Height = 1349mm
Weight = 431kg

Asco 2805 Loadbank

Safety Features

A differential pressure switch is provided to detect air loss. The switch is interlocked with the load application controls to prevent load from being supplied if cooling air is not present.

An overtemperature switch is provided to sense the load bank exhaust in the heater case assembly. The switch is interlocked with the load application controls to prevent load from being supplied if an overtemperature condition is present.

Major fault protection is provided by branch circuit fuse protection.

The load contactors are interlocked with the fan controls to ensure load can be applied only when the fan is running. The blower circuit is protected by fuses and overload relays. Internal access is restricted by bolt on exterior panels.

The air intake on the 2805 is designed to prevent objects greater than 0.50″ diameter from being ingested into the unit. The exterior of the load bank has appropriate warning and caution statements on access panels.