The construction and manufacturing industry is one that requires a lot of investment in common construction equipment because of how they boost productivity and efficiency when undertaking major projects. Heavy equipment for construction is a must in order to streamline your workflow, but this major advantage also comes with an equally hefty price tag if you opt to purchase the equipment for your firm. If you are a construction industry player in the Philippines, heavy equipment rentals are a great choice for you to utilize.

Why Rent When I Can Buy Common Construction Equipment for my Business?

Buying permanent construction machinery and equipment units can set you back a huge amount that may have your business suffering long before achieving a return on investment if you are not careful. Aside from the raw cost of heavy equipment for construction, you will also have miscellaneous fees to consider. These include but are not limited to transportation fees should you have any long-distance projects, as well as maintenance and repair fees should the unit be damaged during operations. Unlike when renting, you will have no on call support for troubleshooting any malfunctions. This can potentially lead to minor delays at the minimum or cause major accidents in the worst-case scenario.

What are the Types of Construction Equipment I Should Rent?

There is no one size fits all answer for which types of heavy equipment for construction you ought to rent. Instead, this decision boil down to many things. These factors can range from the type of services you usually offer, your budget and storage space among many others. However, your business may benefit from renting some common construction equipment used in most construction and manufacturing operations. We compiled a list of these common heavy equipment types that you can refer to or use as a basis for narrowing down the ones you use most in your projects.

If you are looking to start renting for your construction operations, read on and use our list of common construction equipment as a guide for your decision-making process!

Common Construction Equipment Categories

  1. Power Supply & Lighting

Comprised of utility and lighting, this category mainly focuses on supplemental equipment that ensures safe working conditions and regulating power on your worksite.

  1. Generators and Loadbanks

Dedicated to giving you a reliable power supply while safely regulating the voltage to avoid overloading on-site machines, this equipment is what powers most of your on-site gear and creates safe working conditions free from electrical hazards.

  1. Lighting Towers

Sometimes, work can go on during a rainy day or late into the evening. Keep your workplace safe and well-lit by renting out a mobile lighting solution in the form of hardy, weather-resistant light towers.

  1. Construction & Mining Equipment

These types of construction machinery and equipment are usually what comes to mind when you think of high-powered machinery for use in the industry. Comprised mainly of earthmoving equipment, this category of common construction gear is a must in nearly any worksite.

  1. Excavators

Also known as backhoes, these powerful earth-moving machines are usually driven on tracks. These heavy-hitting vehicles can dig deep into the ground for major excavation operations, mining, pipe digging, and even material handling. Excavators also usually come with a variety of attachments, depending on the brand, and are an extremely versatile piece of equipment to have handy around your site. Book a backhoe for rent so you always have one at the ready.

  1. Wheel Loaders

When it comes to versatility, wheel loaders reign supreme. These vehicles are great for a variety of functions, including land levelling, equipment, or material transportation, and even excavation so long as has the right attachment is installed for the operation. Clear your site of debris, level the land, or even pave the way for a solid foundation– wheel loaders can fill the role of some major common construction equipment units. Rent out this multi-tasking powerhouse for a handy replacement that takes the place of separate excavators, bull dozers, and graders in a pinch.

  1. Roller Compactors

A blank canvas is always important for any work of art. The same can be said for any construction development. Roller compactors can smooth out your surfaces and give you an even foundation for your construction work. Though not quite as versatile as wheel loaders, roller compactors have a powerful giant cylinder for rolling out the land. Rent this out for some serious construction pre-work or even a major landscaping operation.

  1. Heavy Lifting Equipment

Built for safe and easy transportation of heavy materials and equipment, heavy lifting vehicles are an essential piece of common construction equipment. When transporting heavy loads like concrete or metal, it is important to secure both your team and your materials to avoid accidents and unwanted expenses.

  1. Rough-Terrain Crane

Built to carry immensely heavy loads across both horizontal and vertical distances with some careful cab operation, this is a non-negotiable for multi-story projects that require large beams and heavy materials to be moved through several floors. Running on a hardy set of wheels, these powerful machines boast of a long, motorized arm that can reach heights and carry massive loads of up to 70 tons depending on the model. Rent this piece of heavy equipment for construction if you are working on a project with many floors.

  1. Boom & Scissor Lifts

Unlike the rough terrain crane, boom and scissor lifts are mainly used for smaller loads—usually brought up as needed by the construction or maintenance crew. This type of construction equipment revolves around giving you and your team greater mobility in vertical and narrow spaces. Boom and scissor lifts are excellent rental options when normal operations cannot be undertaken due to spatial limitations like height and appropriate room to maneuver.

We hope that this quick guide on common construction equipment will help you work out an appropriate budget, as well as the best types of construction equipment to rent for your project. In an industry that is both lucrative and technical, maximum efficiency that also guarantees workplace safety is a definite must. If you are still unsure construction machinery and equipment to rent, reach out to us so we may know how to assist you!

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