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The warehouse scissor lift is a piece of aerial equipment used for lifting, reaching, and completing tasks in high places. It is often seen on construction sites, warehouses, and other industrial settings. As a business owner, renting the right scissor lift is crucial to the productivity and maintenance of your warehouse. And in this article, we’ll help you make the right decision with a guide to what you should know before renting a scissor lift.  But first, you need to know more about this specialized type of heavy equipment. What is a scissor lift?

A scissor lift is a piece of heavy equipment used for various tasks involving height, such as painting, construction, and maintenance. With a large platform able to hold your team and their tools, it can help you manage your time more efficiently without having to compromise safety when transporting or reaching high places.

Now that you’ve learned more about them, let’s move on to why you should use scissor lifts in your warehouse.

Scissor Lift Benefits

The mobility, flexibility, and safety that a scissor lift offers makes it helpful in the job site, especially when it is compared to traditional tools like ladders.

Here’s a list of the benefits of warehouse scissor lifts:


Warehouses can present a variety of risks to workers. This is evident in the number of injuries caused by lifting heavy objects and falling from ladders. But having scissor lifts prevents both types of injuries.

With the use of scissor lifts, employees no longer need to use ladders with unsteady footings or manually lift heavy objects. Working with this type of equipment also lessens the strain on workers. It helps them work faster without risking themselves.


Warehouse scissor lifts enable your employees to concentrate on other tasks. They’re great for repetitive tasks like loading and lifting, and reducing material handling cycles. They save time and energy while increasing output.

Storage and Adaptability

Scissor lifts are among the smallest aerial work platforms. This makes them the best choice when working in a compact environment. They’re able to fit into tight and narrow spaces while being able to lift heavy objects. Because of the small floor area they occupy, scissor lifts are easy to transport and store.


With straightforward controls, scissor lifts are very easy for operators to manage. This means employees will need less training time before they can handle the equipment.


Using scissor lifts is very cost-effective. One such lift can handle a whole warehouse. It’s also functional yet cheaper compared to other equipment with similar applications.

With all the warehouse scissor lift benefits discussed, it’s easy to forget that these machines are not restricted to that use. There are a lot of specific uses that you can get out of them.

Scissor Lift Types


There are different types of scissor lifts for warehouses. Each one can serve a different purpose from the others. The following are the five primary types:

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

It uses engine-driven or hand-powered compressed air. To raise or lower its platform, hydraulic liquid is pushed and drained from one cylinder to another.  It is one of the most common types of scissor lifts. Aside from warehouses, it is great for infrastructure projects and construction sites.

Although it works great indoors and outdoors, the weather can affect its productivity. It’s more efficient in warm temperatures as the oil is less viscous and flows better. In comparison, lower temperatures can cause it to slow down. While newer models already address this, it’s best to use hydraulic lifts for non-time-sensitive tasks.

Diesel Scissor Lift

The preferred scissor lift type for construction sites, it uses traditional diesel engines. The burning fuel emits toxic fumes. This makes it dangerous for enclosed spaces without proper ventilation and coupled with the noise it produces, the diesel scissor lift is more suitable for outdoor projects.

This type of scissor lift has larger platforms to handle heavy materials. It can also extend higher than others, with some models reaching up to 18 meters. It’s one of the most powerful scissor lifts, apt for demanding tasks.

Electric Scissor Lift

Considered more environment-friendly, an electric lift is powered by batteries instead of fuel. Usually compact and silent, it is best for spaces that may not have enough ventilation. It’s also designed to have non-marking tires, making it suitable for indoor spaces with not enough ventilation.

If you’re interested in this type of lift, check out is Sinoboom Scissor Lifts. The Sinoboom GTJZ1412 is a straightforward and simple model, perfect for the day-to-day operations of any warehouse.

Pneumatic Scissor Lift

Another environment-friendly option, this type of scissor lift operates using air pressure. It takes in atmospheric air and compresses it. Because of this, it’s the most sustainable scissor lift type as it doesn’t emit any hazardous by-products.

It also doesn’t take much for it to work as it only needs air to function. It’s used for tasks in almost all kinds of environments. However, in exchange for its functionality, it does not have the same power as other types, like the diesel lift or the rough terrain one.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

Designed for outdoor tasks in harsh environments, this scissor lift type offers power. It usually operates using gas, diesel, or liquid propane. It’s built with heavy-duty tires, a high weight capacity, and safety mechanisms. It can work and thrive on uneven surfaces, slopes, and in poor weather. Genie Scissor Lift is a manufacturer that offers a wide variety of practical and efficient rough terrain scissor lifts.

Learning about the different warehouse scissor lift types will help you decide which one best suits your needs. This helps you narrow down your choices because once you determine the right scissor lift you’re your business, you can now take other factors into consideration. The next section discusses what factors can affect your choice of scissor lifts.

Other Factors to Consider in Scissor Lift Warehouse Use


Other than its benefits and types, it is important to consider other factors before renting a scissor lift for your warehouse. Below are other factors you should take into consideration before renting a scissor lift.

Work Conditions and Environment

Some scissor lifts have features for specific uses. You should consider your job site before making a decision, so that your lift meets your requirements.

For flat surfaces, especially indoors, it is better to use a lift with small wheels. In contrast, big wheels are apt for outdoor use, such as on rugged terrain and slopes. It’s also important to consider the area that the lift will be working in. Does it have ventilation? Is there room for movement?

Platform Dimensions

One thing you should examine is how your platform fits into your environment. The lift you use should be able to move around your work area while having enough space to accommodate the needed workers and their tools. Its occupants must have enough room to move around and do their jobs without the risk of injury.

Weight Capacity

This falls in line with the platform dimensions. You must check that the platform you use can carry the weight of the workers and their tools. Have a look at the machine’s maximum capacity and ensure not to exceed it. This guarantees stability and the safety of your workers.

Height Specification

The scissor lift you choose should allow for the minimum and maximum heights your task requires. It should also account for the height and arm span of those on it. The vertical reach should be enough so your workers do not need to stand on other objects to complete the task. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so high that your workers have difficulty moving about.

Task Description

The nature of your task dictates many of the other factors you should consider. It accounts for the number of workers and their tools, the height and environment, as well as the materials (if any) that the lift has to carry.

Choose the Right Scissor Lift to Elevate Your Warehouse

Having scissor lifts is a great asset to your warehouse. It optimizes productivity and safety while being cost-efficient. This industry staple gives you a lot of advantages and choices that will help boost your company.

Hastings Motor Corporation’s heavy duty equipment rental offers top-quality machines. No matter the warehouse you operate, we have the best scissor lifts to fit your needs. Whether it’s versatile or specialized, we have a great selection for you to choose from.

Contact us today. We’re here to provide solutions to all your equipment needs.

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