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Accomplishing tasks in high places is made easier and safer with a diesel scissor lift. This type of lift is most found in construction sites because of its robust build that can weather rough roads. If durability and versatility are traits that you need for your project, then this is definitely the lift for you.

But before you commit to making this rental, it’s essential that you understand the benefits of a diesel scissor lift and what makes it so. Are you ready to know more about this adaptable equipment? Then keep reading to find out!

What is a Diesel Scissor Lift

In any industry, workplace safety is valued and put at the top of any project’s mission. Diesel scissor lifts were made to address the increasing workplace accidents resulting from employees falling from scaffoldings and ladders.

Utilizing this lift to optimize your operations will not only make it safer, but it will also make it more efficient. Efficiency because now, your workers no longer need to set up ladders while lugging around bulky equipment, they can simply load it onto the lift and work continuously.

Parts of a Diesel Scissor Lift

Now that we’ve briefly explained what is a scissor lift, it’s best that you understand the parts behind it and what makes it function efficiently for any job it’s faced with.

Power Supply

For any equipment that moves, a power supply is an essential part of its creation. This component keeps the apparatus operating smoothly. Scissor lifts using diesel will usually need a bigger power supply for the motor because of its additional parts.

Hydraulic Cylinders

The hydraulic cylinders can be found in the middle of the scissor legs. This part of the machine is the driving force behind the ascent and descent of the platform.

Down Valve

The down valve controls the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder. This is activated by the power source to ensure that the lift does not descend too fast.

Flow Control Valve

When it comes to managing the descent of the platform, the flow control valve acts with the down valve. The flow control valve does this by controlling the speed at which the substances leave the hydraulic cylinder.


This part of the lift is where most of the work gets done. The platform is where people stand, and tools are kept. Controls for the scissor lift can also be found here.

To keep workers safe, platforms come equipped with railings. Recent innovations to this tool have also brought about extendable platforms that can further improve your worker’s efficiency.


As the foundation of the lift, the base is made of unyielding metal to secure the machine into place whenever it’s in use. Aside from that crucial function, this component was also created to guide the rollers at the bottom of the scissor legs in their steady rise and fall.

Scissor Legs

Finally, we’ve reached the namesake of this equipment. The alternating brackets or the scissor legs are what get lifted by the hydraulic cylinder to increase elevation.

This crisscrossed pattern wasn’t just chosen for its compact capabilities, but also for the structural stability that it provides to its users.

Advantages of Diesel Scissor Lifts

scissor lift

There are numerous advantages to using a diesel-powered scissor lift for your operations. We’ve enumerated some of them below for you:


Flexibility is a feature that the diesel scissor lift can offer your operations. Your projects will go smoother and faster because of the reach it can give your employees.


You’ll never have to worry about encountering rocky or uneven terrains with the 4×4 drive that’s available for the diesel scissor lift. Versatility is guaranteed for your operations with this machine’s maximum maneuverability.

Choosing a diesel scissor lift will allow you to work anywhere without fear of damaging your machine.


When it comes to keeping your scissor lifts in operation, choosing the diesel option gives you the advantage of having access to a fuel source anytime and anywhere.

Your vehicle’s downtime is also reduced because you won’t need to plug it in for charging when it runs out of power.


Scissor lifts that operate with diesel fuel have more options for you to choose from, take for example the offerings of Genie scissor lifts. They have numerous diesel offerings that can extend to higher altitudes in comparison to the electric options.

Choosing to invest in a scissor lift that can extend to greater heights will be more cost-effective for you, because your one device can perform a variety of tasks at different elevations.


Whether your machine is driving through dirt, sand, or mud, you can rest easy knowing that your operators are in good hands because of the equipped safety railings and leveling sensors. Features, like the ones Sinoboom scissor lifts have, come with an auto-self leveling and motion sensor feature to ensure optimal stability and safety.

In addition to the safety features mentioned above, diesel scissor lifts automatically limit the operating speed once the platform is raised, leaving no room for accidental accelerations that can result in injuries.


Each diesel scissor lift is equipped with a panel for on-board diagnostics. Giving your operators the ability to secure the machine and perform troubleshooting wherever they may be.


Assembling and disassembling scaffolding can be a time-consuming process. You can improve your business’ efficiency by using a diesel scissor lift to eliminate this process completely.

In addition to this benefit, the powerful engine that these lifts possess can further optimize your operation’s efficiency. How so? By allowing your operators to load more equipment and tools into one unit. The greater weight capacity will allow your staff to continuously work on their task without having to constantly ascend and descend to get tools and supplies.

Uses of Diesel Scissor Lifts

scissor lift

The diesel lift can work for a variety of tasks. We’ve listed below some duties that can benefit from the help of this vehicle.

Maintenance Work

Electrical wires, streetlights, and road signs are often found in high-traffic areas that are prone to accidents. The chance for accidents gets significantly higher if employees are using ladders or scaffoldings in these areas.

Choosing to invest in a diesel scissor lift, can greatly augment your company’s safety practices and even speed up maintenance work.


An industry that uses diesel scissor lifts to its fullest extent is the construction industry. Construction professionals often use scissor lifts to inspect every single detail of the property they’re working on.

Additionally, this is often used to get too hard-to-reach areas that still need attention. It can also be a critical vehicle for electricians and painters who are working on certain aspects of the construction project.


Outdoor warehouses can greatly benefit from the use of diesel scissor lifts. You’ll be able to stack items vertically and have employees retrieve these items in a safe and ergonomic way. Not only does using this equipment for your warehousing needs increase efficiency, but it will also decrease possible workplace accidents.

Do Any Job with Hasting Motor Corporation

Whether you’re doing heavy construction or detail-oriented tasks, a diesel scissor lift will definitely improve your efficiency and working conditions. However, investing in an equipment like that can be quite costly.

Which makes the option of having heavy machine rental appealing, especially if you’re still not sold on the benefits of having this equipment in your operations.

If you’re looking to have all of these advantages to your operations without fully investing in one, then we’re here to help. You can contact us to rent out top-notch machines for your needs.

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