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Accomplishing tasks in high places often requires the use of a ladder or scaffolding. Although this method has worked a lot of times before, a ladder or scaffolding may not be stable. If something wrong happens, these tools may even cause an injury in the workplace. So, instead of using a ladder or scaffolding, complete tasks in high places faster and safer with a scissor lift.

What is a Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is a popular type of aerial platform that is used in different industries across the world. This piece of equipment provides operators with the lift they need to reach and accomplish jobs in high places, including ceiling construction, maintenance tasks, and painting. It got its name from its crisscrossing braces, which compress and extend to lift the machine’s platform.

Equipped with a large platform, the scissor lift has enough space to carry both people and materials. It allows professionals to complete their tasks without going up and down several times just to retrieve their tools and materials.

Scissor Lift Purposes

The scissor lift has a variety of uses in different industries. Some of the most common ones are listed below:

Building Maintenance

Maintaining a building often involves tasks that are in elevated spaces. Most of the time, professionals need to fix lights, hang banners, and change signs, which require the use of a ladder or scaffolding.

However, since the risk of falling is always an issue in the workplace, workers have started using scissor lifts. This equipment allows them to reach high walls and ceilings safely. It also helps that scissor lifts can be easily moved from one point of the workplace to another because workers can work more efficiently.


Scissor lifts are also essential in construction. With their elevating properties, scissor lifts can easily provide contractors with the height they need to access hard-to-reach areas. This piece of equipment also allows them to carry various tools and materials safely with them as they raise the platform.

Usually, scissor lifts are used in renovation and general contracting projects. Workers utilize them when painting walls and ceilings, working on electrical wirings, and installing light fixtures. The mobility of the machine also helps with workers’ efficiency because they don’t have to set up a ladder or scaffolding every time they need to move to another place on the worksite.


Retail employees are often tasked to place products on shelves that can sometimes be taller than a person. To make the job easier, retail employees can use scissor lifts when stocking items. This equipment helps them reach high shelves safely while giving them the ability to move along the aisle without hauling a ladder or scaffolding around.

Additionally, the wide platform of the scissor lift allows employees to carry boxes of items with them without sacrificing their safety. Instead of going up and down several times to gather items, they can load all the items they need to place on the shelf on the platform. Then, they only need to go up one time and complete their task.

Warehouse Organization

Warehouses need to maximize their space to boost their profitability. Given this, their employees should utilize every vertical and horizontal inch of space on their property. They can achieve this more easily with the help of a scissor lift.

With a scissor lift, employees can conveniently survey every inch of a shelf, no matter how high it is from the ground. They can also use the equipment to carry items, whether big or small, to hard-to-reach places and store them safely.

On the other hand, scissor lifts can also be useful in retrieving items from shelves. With this machine, employees won’t have trouble getting any items that they need. They can also safely bring boxes worth of items down without any risk of injury.

Overhead Sign Maintenance

Establishments such as restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, and retail stores all have one thing in common: signs that show their names and what they offer. Most of the time, the signs displayed in front of these establishments are changed daily, weekly, or seasonally. It’s most often done in restaurants whenever their special changes and in movie theaters whenever a new movie is released.

To change these signs safely, business owners can take advantage of heavy equipment rental services in the Philippines. Instead of buying a new scissor lift and rarely using it, they rent one whenever necessary. They then use the equipment to aid their employees in changing the signs in front of their businesses.

What are the Types of Scissor Lifts?

scissor lift

There are many scissor lift types you can choose to rent or buy. Each has different characteristics that can become an advantage or disadvantage depending on your needs. Here are some of the most common types of scissor lifts you need to know about:

Diesel Scissor Lift

It is among the most common types of scissor lifts. It is used for various outdoor applications, such as construction.

Because diesel-powered equipment releases toxic fumes that can build up in enclosed spaces, these types of machinery are not ideal for indoor use.

Another factor to consider is engine noise. Due to how loud it can be, workers may have difficulty communicating with each other, making diesel scissor lifts better suited for outdoor use.

Other than being used for tasks and rough terrain, diesel scissor lifts are also great for simple jobs. Cleaning the windows, trimming and watering greenery, and painting buildings are great examples.

Electric Scissor Lift

Sometimes called a battery scissor lift, it is another one of the most used scissor lift types. It’s also a great, eco-friendlier alternative to the diesel scissor lift.

Smaller, less bulky, and with a narrower platform than its diesel-fueled counterpart, it leaves no tire tracks on the floor tiles. Because it is silent, it has become one of the most suitable lifts for indoor tasks.

Some applications for an electric scissor lift include checking electrical work, cleaning the inside parts of windows, and interior painting of buildings.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

This type of scissor lift uses hydraulic systems powered by hand or machine, making it one of the easiest to operate. The system adjusts the pressure needed to move the hydraulic liquids within the equipment, allowing it to lower or lift as necessary.

Adding to how simple it is to install, users require less training time, optimizing productivity on your job site. It is suitable for warehouses, construction sites, and other infrastructure projects.

Although it is for both indoors and outdoors, note that it may operate at a relatively slower pace when used outside during the cooler months. It is because of how viscous oil can be in a cold environment and why hydraulic scissor lifts are unsuitable for projects that need speed and power.

Pneumatic Scissor Lift

Another scissor lift type that uses pressure, the pneumatic scissor lift, differs from a hydraulic one. It is because it uses air pressure to operate its lift mechanism. Therefore, it does not emit toxic fumes.

Besides being more eco-friendly, using air pressure has made it so that this type of scissor lift does not need much maintenance.

However, because it does not use any fuel, it does not have the same power as a diesel scissor lift or a rough terrain scissor lift.

Another downside to using a pneumatic scissor lift is it can also be quite expensive compared to the other types of scissor lifts featured.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

A rough terrain scissor lift is suitable for outdoor tasks and harsh environments. It is a scissor lift type that thrives on slopes, poor weather, and uneven surfaces.

It has a high weight capacity and additional safety mechanisms that show it is ideal for tasks that require power and safety. As for its power source, it operates using liquid propane, gas, or diesel.

How High Does a Scissor Lift Go?

Different kinds of scissor lifts can reach different heights, depending on how they’re designed. But most scissor lifts can reach a working height of 20 to 40 feet. Some models can even exceed that and reach up to 60 feet.

How Much Does a Scissor Lift Weigh?

Depending on its type and size, this type of machine can vary in weight. But approximately, scissor lifts can weigh from about 2,000 to 14,500 lbs.

Scissor Lift Sizes


scissor lift

Scissor lifts can be classified based on their sizes. You can choose from the different scissor lift sizes based on your unique needs.

13-Foot Scissor Lifts

This size of scissor lift is ideal for light-duty tasks in places that have a low ceiling height. So, it can be perfect for residential spaces and smaller establishments.

Because of its limited space, a 13-foot scissor lift can only fit one man on its platform. The operator may also only bring a few tools or materials with them on the lift.

19-Foot Scissor Lifts

The 19-foot scissor lift can reach 19 to 25 feet, making it ideal for indoor spaces with higher ceilings. It is also a compact machine that can be easily maneuvered through tight spaces and indoor areas.

However, you can also use the 19-foot scissor lift outdoors. This machine is ideal for painting or repair work outdoors as long as the surface it’s on is flat and even.

26-Foot Scissor Lifts

If you need to reach the higher floor of a building, a high ceiling, or the top of a tree, you should choose a 26-foot scissor lift. This type of scissor lift can help workers complete different tasks, including sign hanging, tree trimming, and window maintenance jobs.

26-foot scissor lifts are also preferred for their larger platforms. With a wider workspace, employees can bring more tools and materials to hard-to-reach places and accomplish tasks much faster.

32-Foot Scissor Lifts

Professionals who prioritize stability when working at high places for long periods of time often go for a 32-foot scissor lift. This type of scissor lift can reach up to 38 feet in the air, making completing tasks at greater heights much safer and easier.

Most of the time, 32-foot scissor lifts are used by professionals in the construction and maintenance industries. They often use this piece of equipment in repairing phone and electric lines or reaching the top of light posts.

50-Foot Scissor Lifts

Extensive jobs that require workers to work 50 to 56 feet up in the air must have this scissor lift size. Because of its reach, 50-foot scissor lifts are often used for outdoor tasks, such as tree trimming, power cable repair, and sign hanging.

The 50-foot scissor lift was also designed by scissor lift manufacturers to have a larger platform. This was done to limit the number of times a worker has to go up and down just to retrieve or return tools and materials. Not only does it make the job safer, but also much more efficient.

Rent a Scissor Lift for Your Project or Business

Now that you’ve learned more about scissor lifts, you must be convinced to get one for your business. However, if you’re not yet too sold on buying one, you can always rent a piece of equipment from Hastings Motors.

You can count on us for top-quality machines from trusted scissor lift manufacturers. Whether you need a Genie scissor lift or a Sinoboom scissor lift, we are here to help.

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