With gas prices at an all-time high and health concerns about diesel emissions emerging, looking for a reliable electric scissor lift that fits your needs has become more crucial than ever. Choosing to invest in this versatile piece of equipment will boost your company’s productivity and accumulate more savings for it over time.

In this article, we talk about what an electric scissor lift is, its benefits, and what you should consider when looking for one. Read on to learn more about how an electric scissor lift can improve your company’s efficiency!

What is an Electric Scissor Lift?

A common complaint business owners have about diesel scissor lifts is that they’re noisy and cannot be used in areas that don’t have ventilation. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has classified diesel engine exhaust to be carcinogenic to humans.  The IARC has concluded that increased exposure to diesel exhaust emissions can increase the risk of lung cancer.

To help combat the risk of health concerns and injuries for contractors working in close quarters, the electric scissor lift was engineered. The creation of a scissor lift that’s electric led to better equipment available for those working indoors, but still needed to reach high areas.

It was easily applied by retail and residential facilities in their maintenance needs because of its compact design and noiseless operation. Since then, it has become an invaluable tool for property owners everywhere.

Benefits of an Electric Scissor Lift


There are many advantages of electric scissor lifts that you’ll be able to gain for your operations, should you choose to add it to your repertoire of tools.

Below are some features that can be beneficial to your business.

Muted Operations

The innovation of electric scissor lifts eliminated the loud sounds that diesel-fueled machines had. This allowed businesses to start using scissor lifts in their properties because none of their customers would get bothered by the noise or the smell.

Environment Friendly

Choosing to use electronic vehicles has proven to be more eco-friendly because they have zero carbon emissions. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has proven that electric vehicles typically have smaller carbon footprints than those powered by gasoline.

Safe for the Health

One of the drawbacks of using diesel-powered vehicles is that they’re harmful to your health, because of the many toxins that it emits. Whereas, electronic machines do not have any emissions, thus safer for your health. This feature makes them perfect to use in areas with low to no ventilation.

Stable Working Area

The aerial platform that these electric vehicles have are equipped with sensors and technology that’s programmed to keep the platform balanced at all times. This provides a stable foundation for your workers no matter the altitude that they’re working at.

In addition to the balancing technology, certain units like the Sinoboom scissor lifts can have 3 different balcony positions for better working conditions.

Easily Stored

You’ll never have to worry about storage because, a feature electric scissor lifts have, specifically Genie scissor lifts, is that they’re compact and can be stored effortlessly.

The safety railings on the platform are easily folded for easy storage and smooth passage through small entryways.


Electronic scissor lifts aren’t limited to just indoor applications. This equipment can easily be used for outdoor applications, as long as the terrain isn’t too rough, making it an excellent all-around piece of equipment. You’ll also never have to worry about the volatility of gas prices because your operations won’t be reliant on them.

In addition to these benefits, opting to invest in a scissor lift can prove to be more economic in the long run. This is because electric motors have fewer moving components than their diesel counterparts.

Optimized Efficiency

Adding an electronic scissor lift to your operations will surely boost your vertical efficiency, because this equipment comes with a plug at its platform. You’ll no longer need to worry about tools running out of battery mid-operation or deal with pesky extension cords.

This vehicle can also still move around at a controlled speed even while fully extended.

Hassle-Free Recharging

A concern that you might have about adding this vehicle to your operations is its battery life. Electric lifts can run for up to eight hours or more if the conditions it was used in weren’t too intense.

Once you’re done using your lift for the day, you can leave it recharging overnight and start your production anew with a full battery.

Zero Cleanup

Some variants of electric scissor lifts have non-marking tires, making them an excellent choice for indoor operations. You won’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning the floor because of this feature!

Multiple Safety Features

When it comes to safety, scissor lifts come prepared with multiple features to keep your employees and equipment safe from harm. Here are some safety components that your electric lift might have:

  • Emergency stop for sudden braking needs.
  • On-board diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.
  • Multiple disk brakes for smooth deceleration.

Uses of an Electric Scissor Lift


This lift can be suitable for different industry applications. Below are some of the various ways you can use this equipment for your business:


Whether your staff is welding things overhead or fixing electrical wires in areas that are much too high, they’ll be able to benefit from a scissor lift to do their job properly and easily.


Building maintenance can easily and safely be achieved with a scissor lift. You’ll be able to change light bulbs in high-ceiling areas, repaint walls completely, and even clean hard-to-reach spots with this equipment.

Retail Work

Retail businesses can greatly benefit from this equipment to provide employees with an ergonomic way of arranging stocks and pulling them out for delivery.

In addition to this benefit, it can also help speed up operations because employees can simply store the items they need on the platform before unloading all of them in the dispatch area.

Things to Consider Before Availing of an Electric Scissor Lift

Before you decide to avail yourself of this highly-adaptable equipment for your business, you should answer some of the following questions to decide if an electric scissor lift is for you.

Where Will I Use It?

While electric lifts can easily work anywhere, they’re best suited for indoor uses. So, if you’re going to be working in an area that’s sandy, muddy, or gravelly, you should choose a scissor lift with a 4×4 driving capability.

How High Will I Need It to be?

Not all lifts are created equally, some are built to extend only up to 25ft, while some can reach up to 65ft. You should know where you’ll be using your lift and how high the objects are, to find a unit that’s fit for you.

What is the Weight of the Things I’ll be Loading Up on It?

Aside from your operators and staff, you’ll need to account for the weight of the tools and supplies that you’ll be loading onto your lift. Not properly accounting for this may lead to overloading the vehicle, which can lead to accidents and malfunctions.

Should I Purchase or Rent?

Heavy machinery can be quite an expensive investment. If purchasing a unit isn’t in the budget yet, you can choose to look for companies that offer heavy machinery rentals to meet your needs.

Efficiency No Matter the Height

Now that you know what is a scissor lift and its many uses and benefits, you can now look into procuring one for your business.

Investing in equipment like this guarantees your worker’s safety and long-term savings, but only if you get the right unit for your operations. If you’re looking for a trusted partner in your heavy machinery needs, feel free to contact us at Hastings Motor Corporation.

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